"My vision as a coach is for my clients and communities to thrive by cultivating health, wealth, love, and happiness."


Owner, operator, & pun aficionado of WattsWorks Life Coaching & Self Development. I'm a lifelong resident of Hammond, Louisiana. I developed a love for community involvement and working with people during my time as a student at Southeastern Louisiana University. As an alumnus, I enjoy giving back to my alma mater, supporting local arts, and continuing to learn and grow.

Fun fact: I was chosen as TIME Magazine's 2006 Person of The Year (and so were you!).


Why life coaching?

I chose coaching because I love working with people and I want to grow throughout my personal and professional life. More than anything, I enjoy the process of connecting with others while reaching for goals and being challenged to adapt. The life coaching profession provides opportunities to connect with clients and support them in their own life journeys. To become a expert life coach requires a high level of listening, awareness, and conversational presence, which I'm interested in developing. Plus this is a relatively new profession, thus providing unique challenges that I'm drawn toward. Every client is a new experience; a new person to learn from and learn with as we work together.

Life coaching provides me with a way to live with purpose and meaning.
When I feel that I am growing and making progress, I feel that I am living purposefully.
When I see that I am helping others through my lifestyle, I see that I am living meaningfully.


Education and Credentials


Community Involvement

  • Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Music Fraternity of America, member
    • Delta Omega Chapter at Southeastern Louisiana University, 2012
  • Alpha Psi Omega National Theater Honor Society, member 
    • Alpha Epsilon Psi Chapter at Southeastern Louisiana University, 2012
  • Southeastern Louisiana University Alumni Association, member
  • Theosophical Society in America, member
  • The Octavians - Hammond-area theater & arts advocacy organization, secretary
  • Louisiana Renaissance Festival - patron since 2007, and a seasonal employee
  • Hammond GSG (Goal-Setting Group) personal growth community - Member, Co-Founder, & President



  • Volunteering at music festivals, including Wakarusa, Buku, and the New Orleans Jazz fest
  • Supporting local community groups, events, businesses, & cultural institutions
  • Educational reading and writing 
  • Optimizing and properly funding grade school and Higher education
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Public & motivational speaking
  • Socio-political activism 
  • Addressing issues of crime and substance abuse 
  • Environmental sustainability and ecological stewardship
  • Supporting and participating in art, including but not limited to music, poetry, & theater
  • Formal and informal study of philosophy & spirituality