The WattsWorks mission is to empower individuals and support communities by providing unique, high-quality life coaching and self-development services.

WattsWorks Life Coaching and Self-Development is a small business based in Hammond, Louisiana that is owned and operated by trained life coach, Cody Watts. Dreamt up in September 2015 and established in April 2016, WattsWorks aims to establish a local profitable business that benefits the individuals and communities of Hammond, Louisiana and surrounding areas.

At its core, WattsWorks is about positive impact and real change. Coaching is one of the most powerful people-helping professions available and WattsWorks exists to bring this burgeoning service to the people and communities of southeast Louisiana. Through WattsWorks services, clients have the opportunity to invest in themselves, create a lifestyle of their own design, forward their progress, and deep their sense of fulfillment & purpose.

As a business, WattsWorks is committed to operating sustainably and responsibly through the triple bottom line philosophy: people, planet, and profit. This framework is the foundation of WattsWorks operations, making it the basis for all business decisions and analyses. The Triple Bottom Line, aka TBL or the three P's, is an accounting principle that emerged in the 1990's and has grown in prominence as younger generations continue to recognize that all businesses must do more than simply make money for their owners.  The TBL recognizes the need for a business to be profitable in order to survive but simultaneously expresses an importance for social and environmental impact to be accounted for. In other words, a Triple Bottom Line business would say, "It's important to make money. But as we become more profitable, our clients, communities, and planet should benefit in scale with this increase. The more we make, the more we give back." This is the WattsWorks commitment.


The Triple Bottom Line


The individuals and communities that come in contact with WattsWorks are to benefit directly and indirectly from this business. Not only shall clients receive a valuable service at a reasonable price, they will receive the best this life coach can offer. In a nutshell, here is how the People bottom line will be met: Local businesses and freelancers will be preferred in any business-to-business needs; communities and organizations will receive man-power support and pro bono services; social justice issues will be recognized and positive political change supported; all types of local art and cultural development will be supported. Maximum transparency will be created by WattsWorks in order to show how the Triple Bottom Line is being met and to provide social accountability to this commitment. Furthermore, coach Cody shall continue to pursue training and education in order to increase his ability, skills, and service offerings so that clients get the most effective life coaching services available. 


The main aim in this domain is to minimize waste and carbon footprint while being a conscious steward of the environment. The business of life coaching produces only a small amount of waste through paper products, office supplies, and miscellaneous packaging of purchased products. In the commitment to Planet, the byproducts of personal and professional life shall be reused, repurposed, and recycled when possible. As WattsWorks grows, it will move to minimize the use of paper and plastics in business operations. Eco-friendly packagings will be prioritized. Eco-conscious businesses and organizations will be preferred partners of WattsWorks.


Fiscal profitability is essential, and at WattsWorks quality is just as important. A dollar made responsibly and sustainably is more valuable than a dollar made by cutting corners. Freelancers and business partners are to be properly compensated for their contributions. Optimum quality products will be used in WattsWorks operations. Top-notch education, trainings, and credentials will continue to be pursued. As profitability and cash flows increase, WattsWorks will equally increase its philanthropic involvements and develop a commitment of recurring monetary donations.