The GSG began in March 2014 when Chance Ragan and Cody Watts started meeting weekly as accountability partners. In these rendezvous they would share and discuss their personal goals with each other and look deeply into the progress they were each making to reach their goals. In early April that same year James Teekel accepted Ragan's invitation to join the fun and quickly became a regular attendee. Melissa Weber wholeheartedly jumped in a week or two later and thus a group was born! Now, as of April 2016, the GSG is two years old and has met virtually every week since the founding four first assembled. During this time, over 60 people have attended at least one of our weekly meetings. 

Meet The GSG Founders


Cody Watts

"Native of Hammond, LA. Life-long supporter and participant of the arts. I'm following my heart and enjoying the journey as I cultivate a harmonious, fulfilling, and purposeful lifestyle." 

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Mobile Phone: 985-969-2058 

Chance Ragan

"Professional hugger and award-winning mustache grower. I take every step with unconditional love. You can see it when I play music on stage or while I'm in casual conversation with a stranger on the streets. I treat life as a joyous game. In this game I am unattached to winning, grow stronger through losses, and play through the days with an ever-present smile in my heart. Currently residing in Hammond, LA, I'm employed as a sales representative for Orleans Vapor Company & an Independent Transportation Contractor for multiple companies including Spectra Laboratories, TSX Logistics, and Midnight Express. I'm earning my BA in Clarinet Performance at SLU by 2020, with intentions of grad school immediately afterward."

Mobile Phone: 225-439-5649
Facebook: chance.ragan.1

James Teekel

"I previously studied music in Louisiana, especially in the streets of New Orleans. Recently, I made the decision to take my learning to Los Angeles, where I now reside. I'm walking a never-ending path of learning and mastery in music which, I believe, will inevitably take me to new places, open up new journeys, and continue helping me connect with amazing people."




Melissa "Em" Weber

"I am Em, or Mel as my louisiana roots know me. I live as an artist & work as a permaculturist & nursery tender on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. I arrived here after a west coast full-circle road trip of personal freedom discovery. I love to dance, I host a writing circle for my community, & I'm fully dedicated to my healing & transformational growth. I am working to become a catalyst for my sanga (community) & wish to follow a natural path dabbling in healing methods such as herbal medicine & other forms of healing modalities."

Instagram: emtheorie
Personal website:
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