The Goal-Setting Group, commonly referred to as the GSG, is a group of individuals who come together every week to talk about their personal goals and share what they're working toward in their personal and professional lives. Since 2014, we've met in PJ's Coffee in downtown Hammond, Louisiana to connect, share, grow, learn, listen, and focus on what we feel is important in each of our lives.

The essential idea: It's good to set goals. It's even better to write them down. It's most effective to set goals, write them down, and talk about those goals with people who genuinely want you to succeed. The GSG is a lighthearted, intentional space for this process to happen.

How it works: When we meet we take turns sharing. The order is voluntarily; after someone finishes their turn the next person chimes in to share. The meeting is concluded after everyone present has been offered time to share. 

The group is founded in the spirit of friendship, support, and inclusivity. All meetings have been and will continue to be open-invite and available to anyone who wants to attend. Furthermore, there is no obligation to participate if you attend. Everyone present gets the opportunity to share but no one is required to share, and there's no requirements to be a member. 

The aim of this group is maximum uplift and minimum burden. Its simple: You're a member if and when you attend. The GSG has been a substantial benefit to dozens of members. They discovered what you may discover, that the GSG is a personal growth community of equivalent exchange. In other words, the more we attend, the more we grow. The more we give to, the more we receive from it. 


Deep Dive

During the early days of the GSG, our group would occasionally stay after meetings to discuss complex topics that were brought up while sharing. As this activity progressed and evolved we've come to call them Deep Dives. These post-meeting discussions are proposed by members who are looking for different perspectives on a topic, usually to help resolve a complex situation in their lives. The Deep Dives have been consistently insightful and have grown to be a monthly staple within our community.

To begin a Deep Dive, we set aside a chunk of time, typically an hour or more, where we explore a topic. More specifically, we explore by crafting questions within the topic and sharing our responses with each other. The power of this activity is within the goal and mindset of the activity. We're not aiming to assert or determine right answers to our questions, nor are we engaging in a form of debate. Instead we discover different perspectives and discuss how these ideas can be of benefit in each of our lives. Past topics have included: What does it mean to be successful? What does it mean to be an adult or grown up? Why is money important in life? What does it mean to be offended? What are the qualities of a good person, and how to we develop those qualities within ourselves? 


Want to learn more about the community? Wondering when and where are the weekly meetings? We'd love to hear any questions and comments, and receive anything you want to share. Send us a message!